How You Can Help

How You Can Help

Your tax-deductible contributions to the 555 Able Soldier and Family Fund will directly and positively impact the lives of soldiers and families serving our great nation. Donated monies will provide for a number of vital soldier and family support activities: flower arrangements for hometown funerals and installation memorial services; memorial service receptions, keepsake memory boxes, pre and post deployment activities, reading material and sundries for hospitalized soldiers, guest speakers, transportation services and the traditional gold star memorial flag just to name a few.

Specific Ways You Can Help
Financial donations are most needed, however there are many other ways to show your support.

    • Donate to support the needs of the soldiers’ families – both immediate and military.
    • Support memorial services worthy of a fallen hero to help facilitate the social and spiritual healing of the family and fellow soldiers.
    • Write letters of support to be forwarded to those who have lost loved ones. Email letters to
    • Give gift certificates from local restaurants or services.
    • Pray for the families of our fallen heroes and for the encouragement of their fellow soldiers.


Get Involved
Help to ensure the support of our fighting men and women and their families during their greatest time of need. The fund, created in 2005, will grow and become a long-term benefit to all the soldiers and families of the 555th Engineer Brigade as they continue to serve our Nation Willing and Able.

Through your generous donations you truly can make a difference for the soldiers and families of the 555th Engineer Brigade!

Make check or money orders out to 555 Able Soldier and Family Fund.

Send donations and/or letters of support to:
555 Able Soldier and Family Fund
PO Box 331205
Fort Lewis, WA 98433-1205 USA

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